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How do I get in touch with a councillor?

Contact details for each of the councillors (telephone and email) can be found in the Councillor section of the website. Alternatively you may use the “contact us” form, which will be passed to the relevant councillor by the Town Clerk.

How often does the council meet?

The full council meets once per month, usually on the first Monday of each month. Details of meeting dates and times can be found in the Calendar.   Sub Committee and working group meetings take place as required depending on the various project priorities.

Can members of the public attend council meetings?

Yes, anyone is welcome to attend full council meetings.

Can I speak at a council meeting?

There is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions or speak at the start of each council meeting. Members of the public can also request to speak at the point of discussing particular agenda items. A request to speak against an agenda item rather than at the start of the meeting must be made in writing to the Town Clerk no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting.

How do I bring an issue to the attention of the council?

You can do this by contacting the Town Clerk (details are shown on the Home page) or by completing the contact form.

If I bring an issue to the council can my details be kept confidential?

All written correspondence (including email) received by the council can be viewed by members of the public on request. Similarly, minutes of council meetings are taken and published on the council website. Issues discussed with individual councilors can remain confidential if you request it, but as mentioned previously issues requiring a decision from full council will be minuted and published.