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Hay on Wye, a market town with a long and colourful history located in the Welsh county of Powys close to the border with Herefordshire.


Road Closure Measures in Hay - Statement from Hay Town Council

Please click on the link below to read HTC's latest statement on the road closures in Hay following the announcement made by Mark Drakeford, Welsh First Minister, on 14th July 2021.

HTC Road Closure Statement 16 July 2021


Hay Town Council has 11 councillors (when there are no vacant seats) and two members of administrative staff. The Mayor, who is also the leader of the council, is chosen by the councillors.

The full council meets monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month, unless this falls on a Bank Holiday.  The council also has a number of sub committees who meet approximately every six weeks. Where possible we allocate councillors to sub committees that make the best use of their knowledge and experience.

The operation of the council is governed by a set of Standing Orders that cover, for example. how often the council meets and the conduct of meetings.  Councillors are also governed by a set of Financial Regulations which provide guidance on accounting procedures and how councils may spend their money.


Latest Minutes 

Council Meetings - Hay Town Council continued to hold full council meetings monthly during the Covid-19 pandemic. These were held remotely via the Zoom platform. Currently, HTC is meeting face-to-face following Covid-19 safety protocols, but there remains the option for Councillors and members of the public to attend remotely, Please see agendas for details of how to join meetings. Minutes continue to be published on this website.

The Minutes of the last Council Meeting can be viewed here. For other minutes please use the Meetings and Minutes tab at the top of the page. 

Please note that minutes are generally a month behind as they have to be agreed and signed off at the following month's council meeting. However, new legislation means that Town Councils need to put summary notes on their websites within 7 working days of a meeting taking place. These are not full minutes and have not been signed off until the next meeting.

DRAFT Notes 6 September 2021

Special Council meeting 15th July 2021

Minutes 5th July 2021























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If you to wish to contact an individual councillor please use the email address in the Councillors section. Messages sent from this page will be picked up by the Town Clerk and passed to the relevant person.


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