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Hay Covid-19 Support Group - Grant from PAVO

Hay Town Council, in partnership with 5 neighbouring community and parish councils (Bronllys, Llanigon, Cusop, Clyro and Glasbury) established an informal voluntary group called, 'Hay Voluntary Support Group Covid-19' to help support our local communities support each other during the lockdown period. In order to help us achieve this we applied for, and were successful in gaining, a grant from Powys Assoociation of Voluntary Organisations (PAVO) C-SERT Fund.

Hay Covid-19 Support Group -  Grant from PAVO's C-SERT fund

'Hay Voluntary Suoport Group Covid-19' was formed on 21 March 2020. The group applied to PAVO's C-SERT fund in order to help our communities through the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. The funding bid aimed to meet the objectives set out by C-SERT and our application focussed on:

  • Helping deliver food, drink and other essentials for those shielding, the elderly and the vulnerable;
  • Helping deliver prescriptions/medicine for those shielding, the elderly and the vulnerable;
  • Providing Personal, Protective Equipment (PPE) to our volunteers to keep them as safe as possible as they carry out these activities;
  • Providing a be-friending service, including dog walking and telephone calls

Many members of the 6 communities have very kindly become volunteers for this group, and since late March have been helping our target audiences in many ways, including the delivery of food, drink and essentials, as well as socially-distanced visits to people, dog-walking, telephone calls and much more. Hay Dial-a-Ride, one of our key strategic partners, has been and continues to delivery prescriptions and medicines.

If anyone needs help with food, essentials, medicines, be-friending or anything else related to the Covid-19 lockdown, please call one or our Covid-19 Co-ordinators: Cllr Trudy Stedman (07966 818 600); Cllr Josie Pearson (07875 000 750); Cllr Fiona Howard (07581 452 278); or County Cllr Gareth Ratcliffe (07974 353 121).

The group would like to thank PAVO and the C-SERT funding panel for awarding the group this grant.

Published on Tuesday 6th June 2020 by Nick Burdekin