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What We Do

The Good Councillor Guide gives a comprehensive overview of Town Council and Councillor responsibilities.

Hay Town Council has a number of Sub-Committees who meet as necessary (usually around once every 6 weeks) with each sub committee taking responsibility for certain aspects of the councils work. These sub committees identify & investigate issues arising and make recommendations to full council on the action that should be taken. 

When decsions and actions need to be taken quickly the full council will delegate authority to the sub committees to allow them to act without referring back to the council first.

The Sub Comittees are: (please select a heading to see further details of the work of the committee and the councillors involved)



Fishing & Estates


Town Events 

Meeting Room for Hire

Hay Town Council has a Council Chamber room available for hire. For further information, plaese contact Nick Burdekin, Hay Town Clerk, on 01497 820296 or  e-mail: haytownclerk@hotmail.co.uk 

Town Crier

Hay's Town Crier, George Tofarides, is available to publicise public events in the Hay area. If you would like the Town Crier to announce your event around Hay, George can be contacted on: 07957 594694.