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Helen Davies

01497 821245

Where were you born? How long have you lived in Hay?
I was born in the little hamlet of Ffynnon Gynydd but have lived in or around Hay for most of my life.

Work Background:
I started teaching in 1970; I worked at Gwernyfed High School for 16 years before movig to Hay School where I became Deputy Headteacher. I then became Headteacher at Ffynnon Gynydd School.

Interests both within/outside Council:
I have an interest in learning about different cultures and since my retirement have been fortunate enough to visit India, China, South America and USA.  I have always been interested in politics and am an avid watcher of political programmes and enjoy listening o politicians speaking – the Literary Festival in Hay has afforded me many excellent opportunities to indulge this interest. I now have three little granddaughters and thoroughly enjoy helping out with childcare as much as possible.

Reason for joining the Council:
Over recent years I have felt that there is a significant silent majority in Hay; I joined the Council hoping that I might be able to represent the views of that group. I also feel that I have been somewhat guilty of criticizing the town council without any understanding of the work, time and energy involved in working to ensure that Hay remains a vibrant and good place to live, work and bring up children.