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VE Day 75 in Hay

This Friday 8 May marks Victory in Europe (VE) Day, when the country will come together to commemorate the 75th Anniiversary of the end of fighting in Europe during the Second World War. 8 May 1945 was the date Britain and its allies celebrated the defeat of the Nazi regime after Germany signed its unconditional surrender on 7 May. Despite the current lock down measures, the Royal British Legion is still marking this historic occasion and paying its respects. Please click on the link below to view the Legion's itinerary and also to see some ideas of how you can also take part, including the "Best Dressed House" and "Best Dressed Window" competitions.

VE Day - 8 May 2020 Royal British Legion Itinerary and community participation

VE Day 75 in Hay

Published on Wednesday 5th May 2020 by Nick Burdekin