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Special Award for Dial A Ride

At the Citizen of the Year ceremony a special award was made to Hay Dial A Ride volunteers

Hay Dial- A – Ride a local community transport charity will be celebrating their 25th year of operation later this year and its success would not have possible without the involvement of the volunteers who provide a much needed service.

The volunteers of Dial A Ride were nominated for the Citizen of the Year award because of their committment in travelling over 20,000 miles per year incorporating over 6500 journeys providing a life line transport service to those who need it. 

But of course they provide so much more, in many cases the volunteers may be the only people that that those living alone see on a regular basis. The volunteers provide friendship and just "keep an eye out" for problems".

Cllr Trudy Stedman who presented the award said "I was pleased that the council chose to make an addtional award this year to honour the committment of the Dial A Ride volunteers. When considering the nominations for Citizen of the Year it made us realise that we needed an additional award for groups. I was really pleased that the decision was made to honour both nominees and that in future there will be two awards. When talking to volunteers afterwards, some of whom have been with the organisation for over 20 years, I was struck by the level of enjoyment and fulfillment that the volunteers get from carrying out this work, it was really lovely to see".


Published on Thursday 4th April 2019 by Trudy Stedman