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Transfer of Assets

Trudy Stedman recently submitted a formal question to the Powys Cabinet, and, surprisingly we got a response!


Hay Town Council has been struggling to reach agreement with PCC on the terms of the transfer of assets ( public toilets, recreation facilities and council building). In December 2016 we finally reached a point where we felt able to sign the transfer agreement, just as the legal representative in PCC who had been dealing with this retired!

Different officers picked this up and started backtracking on some of the things we thought we had agreed. Then the new cabinet came into post and at a meeting with them we were told that essentially we were starting afresh and a new agreement would need to be reached. That was in September 2017.

The Hay Town Council transfer agreement has been on the Powys Cabinet agenda every month since March 2017 and every month is deferred.

This is despite numerous phone calls, emails, the involvement of our local AM and the Welsh Assembly Minister for Local Government and most recently our local MP.

This latest response although not satisfactory does at least give an indicative timescale that we can hold them to.

Read the question and response here




Published on Thursday 10th October 2018 by Trudy