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Committees and Sub-Committees

This committee takes responsibility for making recommendations to full council regarding the operation and maintenance of the council buildings, including the assets about to be transferred from Powys County Council.

Committee representatives: Robert Golesworthy, Hugh Sawyer, Trudy Stedman, Fiona Howard, David Gittins.

This committee looks at communication strategy for the council focussing on updating local residents of developments in the town.

Committee representatives: Trudy Stedman, Richard Greatrex, Helen Davies, David Gittins, Josie Pearson.

This committee takes responsibility for making recommendations to full council on applications received requesting grants from the town's recycling fund. This is money awarded from Powys County Council for the materials recycled at the Oxford Road car park site.
Committee representatives: Jim Gamon, Derek Price, Fiona Howard, Alan Powell, David Gittins.

This committee organises town events including Senior Citizens Christmas Party.

Committee representatives: Fiona Howard, Robert Golesworthy, Hugh Sawyer, Alan Powell, Josie Pearson.

This committee is responsible for planning the annual financial budget and undertaking regular reviews. Recommendations are then made to full council for ratification.

Committee representatives: Jim Gamon, Trudy Stedman, Derek Price, Richard Greatrex, Helen Davies.


Committee representatives: Alan Powell, Robert Golesworthy, Jim Gamon, Derek Price, Hugh Sawyer.