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Fiona Howard

01497 821264

Where were you born? How long have you lived in Hay?
I was born in Hay on Wye. I left to go to college in Dudley and got married and taught in the Midlands for 10 years. I returned to Hay in 1988 when my two sons were young as I wanted them to be brought up here.

Work Background:
I have always taught. When I returned to Hay I ran my own nursery for 9 years before beginning to teach at Hay school. I continued to teach there until 1999 when I became Head. I retired in 2011 but returned in 2012 and am still there!

Interests both within/outside Council:
I am currently hold the office of Mayor so I get involved with most things going on in the council. Between school and council there is not much time for outside interests except reading and gardening.

Reason for joining the Council:
I originally joined the council because I wanted my sons to be able to use a new community centre in Hay whilst they were still at primary school. Sadly this has never come to fruition and my sons are now 30 and 28 years old!

Sub Committees:
As mayor I attend/get involved in as many of the sub committees as possible.