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David Gittins

01432 273627

Where were you born? How long have you lived in Hay?
I was born in Hay-on-Wye and lived here until 1966, then 2003 – 2007. I now live in Hereford.

Work Background:
Civil Servant 1959 – 1995. Worked in Brecon, Swansea, Cardiff and finally London. Final posting: Departmental HQ in Whitehall. Final grade: Acting Senior Principal (Grade 6)

Interests both within/outside Council:
Within the council I am interested in the activity of the Fishing & Estates committee and in the development of the Town Plan. Outside of the council I am interested in Politics, Classic Competition Motorcycles, Walking, most sports.

Reason for joining the Council:
Interest in local politics and working for the well-being of the town and its residents.

Sub Committees:
Fishing & Estates. Town Plan. Council Offices.