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Alan Powell

01497 820803

Where were you born?

How long have you lived in Hay?
Married and lived in Hay for 46 years

Work Background:
I am a carpenter and joiner by trade and been running my own business for 36 years. I also served for 32 years in the retained fire service at Hay on Wye

Interests both within/outside Council:
I am interested in the general business of the council, keeping an eye on what is happening in Hay. I am interested in how the council will deal with the transfer of assets from Powys County Council. I was involved in setting up the Hay Community Woodland Group and am currently chair of this group. Chairman of the local Conservative Club Committee.

Reason for joining the Council:
I joined the council to continue helping in our community

Sub Committees: (that you are a member of)
Chairman of the Fishing and Estates Sub Committee